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Miscellaneous | Odds & Ends

Our miscellaneous department has a vast selection to choose from.

  • Collectibles & Vintage: We receive many items that can be a great find to a collector of unique and vintage items. This ranges from clothing, purses and jewelry to toys, games and décor. You can always find something old and fabulous.


  • Knick Knacks: We have many shelves filled with seasonal and year round items, figurines, and miniatures. 


  • Arts & Crafts: Whatever your arts and craft needs are you might be able to find it with us for a better price. You can find yarn, paints, glue, glitter, ribbon, clothing patterns, and wooden paintables at all of our locations.


  • Home Décor: candle holders, picture frames, paintings, clocks, flower arrangements, vases, baskets, and much more.

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