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Books | Entertainment

  • Books: For children or adults, in fiction or non-fiction, in hard cover or paperback, we keep a large collection of books for everyone’s interests and at amazing prices. We have best sellers, classical literature, inspirational books, how to guides, cookbooks, self improvement books, spiritual living books, romance novels, and more.

  • Magazines: We receive a large variety of current and older magazines for adults and children. From Better Homes and Gardens to Highlights magazine, you can find anything to fit your interests.

  • Music: We have a variety of today’s music, including oldies, country, classical, kids music, rock, pop and more. Our media varies as well. You can find music not only on CD, but in cassette tapes, 8-track tapes and cool vinyl records.

  • Movies: You can’t beat our awesome deals on VHS tapes & DVDs for the whole family.

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